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[07 Jul 2006|01:32am]

+ Alias - Icons, userinfo banners and headers
+ Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen - Icons, userinfo banner, headers and FO banners
+ Keira Knightley - Icons, userinfo banners, headers and FO banner
+ Orlando Bloom - Icons, userinfo banners, headers and FO banner
+ Johnny Depp - Icons and userinfo banners

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: Do Me Vaughn!

[03 Jul 2006|04:43am]

+ Michael Vartan - Icons, Headers and Friends Only banners
+ Johnny Depp - Icons, Headers and Friends Only banners
+ Joaquin Phoenix - Icons, Headers and Friends Only banners
+ High School Musical Cast - Icons, Headers and Friends Only Banner

More @ my community: icon_portfolio
: Do Me Vaughn!

[02 Feb 2005|08:01pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

i absoutely looooove Michael! he is sooo hott! i hope that you dont mind that i am joining this community. this looks like a pretty cool site! anyway, i love this picture of them because i think that they are so cute together!

: Do Me Vaughn!

[27 Jan 2005|06:01pm]

[ mood | grateful for my Vaughn. ]

does any one know what Vaughns tatoo is? i was just wondering. oh yea... look at this:
i made this up... its funny so have fun. if you didnt watch last nights episode, you probably wont get all of them...

You know you and your boyfriend have a (n)… weird (weird may include but not limit: intimacy issue, cold, and or boring) relationship when…

-While cuddling on the couch (or in bed), you whisper about the CIA and your undercover work you did, or will be doing the next day.
-Your boyfriends (and your) best friend say you and your boyfriend have as much fun as his grandparents… and their dead.
-The head of the Evil group you and your boyfriend are two-timing, tell you that Americans show intimacy and you are acting cold.
-You are in the bathroom together, with the tub water running, (you are fully clothed) and whispering about the black ops division you are undercover for.
Note: that ONE TIME when you weren’t clothed, IN the tub, you still talked about work in between kisses. (Oh, whoopee ONE time…)
-The head Evil basted bought you two wedding rings to ‘try to fix the intimacy issue’.
-You have to go agent regulations and get in trouble (because you were to follow orders and follow your extraction orders) to go on a date.
-You think your relationship is not boring, weird, cold, or intimacy-issue-filled…you’re in denial.
-Both of you know weird ass languages that hardly anybody knows, and you don’t flirt in it.

: Do Me Vaughn!

[23 Jan 2005|09:01pm]

[ mood | happy ]

hi. im a new member, my name is liz. i LOVE Michael Vaughn, and when i saw this site i knew id have to join. i cant wait for the next episode of Alias to come... only a few more days till wednesday! any ways, ive made alot of alias poster type things and if you wanna see, go here:


and there under pictures, and pictures 2

: Do Me Vaughn!

Hey :) [28 Nov 2004|03:32pm]

[ mood | happy ]

I joined in here, if that's ok with you?


Here is my favourite pic of Michael. I know you've seen it, but I have to post it :)



Fav MichaelCollapse )

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Jen Garner has serious problems [13 Sep 2004|01:52pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

I can't belive what I just heard. Mike Vartan found out that Jen Garner was dating Ben Afleck the way all the rest of us did. On a Magazine. I hope that is not true.

I really hope that one of my favorite actresses, is not really that bitchy. And Ben Afleck is an ass, he is sooo off my list. I think he has a thing for Jennifer's. I can not even like him now.

Worst of all, Poor Mike! I hope they can manage to act together.

Seriously dissapointed in her. (Now I have to research new default avvie.I just made this one.)

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Hello! [11 Sep 2004|10:57pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I am Kelley, Pervy Elf Fancier in the LotR fandom, I suppose here I will be a Pervy Vaughn Fancier. So, hi, and free to drop by my journal

: Do Me Vaughn!

[08 Aug 2004|08:51pm]

Hi! I'm Nicole, and as soon as I saw this community in alias_addict, I knew I must join. I've been completely obsessed with Michael Vartan ever since I first started watching Alias, which was actually just a few months ago. I'm borrowing my aunt's DVDs and trying to get caught up, which wouldn't be a problem since I can easily watch Alias all day, but she's rather slow at getting me the next DVD. :P Anyway, Michael Vartan is the sexiest man ever, and I want to marry him.

one of my favoritesCollapse )
1 Did Him Repeatedly : Do Me Vaughn!

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